Total Relaxation – Isan Style

Lamai Homestay and Guesthouse and Tours, Thailand



Many tourists who have been traveling around South East Asia want to take a break whilst at the same time absorbing some of Thailand’s culture and heritage. Lamai was born in Ko Phet and Jimmy has lived here for 17 years. Lamai’s English is excellent. There isn’t a question they can’t answer about Isan’s practices, superstitions, traditions, economy etc.

Free pickup from Sida bus stop or Bua Yai rail station. If you are traveling from Bangkok, Kao Yai, Chiang Mai, there are trains and buses to Bua Yai and Sida, from where Jimmy will pick you up free of charge.

Total relaxation Isan style

Arrival in Bua Yai by train after 2.30. Free transfer to homestay. Meet the family and some of the local people. Enjoy an evening meal at the homestay where you can choose Isan or Western meal. Lamai is well known for being a fantastic cook and all ingredients are locally sourced, many from the homestay gardens.

Total relaxation Isan style

You can:

  • Take a walk through the family rice fields and learn the process from planting to harvesting.
  • You can visit the villagers’ homes where the various traditional processes take place. Alongside the rice fields you will find irrigation canals where the Ko Phet villagers have planted an organic vegetable garden, growing squashes, beans, peppers, chillies etc.
  • If the school is open, you can visit and talk to the teachers and children and look at their work. OR
  • You can do absolutely nothing except sit in the various shady corners of the beautiful garden and take a cooling dip in the splashpool. Keep an eye open for the birds in their nests!

Total relaxation Isan style

Meals: Breakfast
Free transfer to Bua Yai for onward journey.

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